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UNITE's Anti-Resume Project is inspired by the Anti-resume Project by students at The Wharton School. Brought over to IIT by our President Joyce Gu, the project involves gathering experiences and journeys from IIT alumni and other successful professionals and sharing them with IIT to create a welcoming community. In this way, we hope to encourage students to be actively empathetic around others. We seek to highlight achievements but also look at setbacks that are not typically seen on resumes, emphasizing that students are more than their GPA, internships, publications, or careers. We have interviewed professionals from diverse fields. Read about them below!

All interview write-ups are written by our Interview Journalist, Angela Petrone, and all interviews are conducted by our Vice President of Media Nikhil Chaganti.

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Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management at Exelon

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​Hemmady is an Illinois Institute of Technology alumnus, having graduated with a master’s degree in environmental engineering in 1996 after completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Sherrie Littlejohn

Owner of Littlejohn Leadership Coaching & Consulting


Sherrie Littlejohn is an Illinois Institute of Technology alumnus who broke race and gender barriers in the 1980s as one of the first black women in computer science leadership.

Oscar Juarez 

Associate Professor of Biology
at Illinois Tech


Oscar Juarez conducts biomedical research on bacterial pathogenic species in order to develop new antibiotics and solutions to the diseases that they carry. 

Alan Cramb

President at Illinois Institute of Technology


Alan William Cramb is currently the President of the Illinois Institute of Technology, and has many publications and has recieved many awards and honors during his career and research.

John Bilson

John and Mae Calamos Dean Endowed chair at Stuart School of Business


Since 2016, Dr. John F. O. Bilson has been the Dean of the Stuart School of Business. Dr. Bilson is a also a former senior vice president at The Chicago Corporation​. 

Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Xoca World


Lopata is an Illinois Institute of Technology alumnus. Jacob earned his B.S in Aerospace Engineering in 1996, and his M.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics from MIT in 1998.

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