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Hello, I’m Hieu Trinh, a sophomore in chemical engineering. I joined UNITE because I’d like to educate myself, and make content to educate others, on various perspectives that would nurture empathy. I personally think empathy is a useful skill that many of us, myself also, should improve on so that we can go around spreading positivity or just genuine mutual respect for each other.

I have been taking interests in environmental conservation. It took me a long time to realize that environmental issues are interconnected with social injustices and that they can’t be dealt with in isolation. Protecting the environment has never been only about saving the trees or the turtles, but also about ensuring the well-being of its people. Growing in empathy has helped me tremendously in redirecting my activism towards a more intersectional and inclusive approach. I’d like to continue to grow in that regard and take you on this journey at UNITE as well. 
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