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Hi everyone! I’m Joyce, a third year in the Biology and Psychology Dual Degree program. My passion to join UNITE stemmed from my interests in starting the Anti-Resume Project at Illinois Tech. Coming across the slogan of “destigmatizing one linkedin profile at a time”, I became inspired by students at The Wharton School, who wanted to highlight the failures, along with the accomplishments, that are typically not seen on a resume. Ultimately, the goal was to emphasize that students are not defined by just their GPA, internships, publications, or careers. Amidst the pandemic season, I wanted to bring motivation to students and recent graduates at my own college. In order for the project to take effect quickly, I knew I wanted to bring this project to another club instead of starting one of my own. I then stumbled upon UNITE, an organization that aims to bridge the gap between students by teaching them to practice empathy. Through UNITE, I’ve been able to modify my project to focus on empathy through observation. Being an aspiring physician, I understand how my involvement in UNITE and the Anti-Resume Project can help me connect with my patients in the hospital, hoping to initiate a domino effect in which others can do the same with their respective careers.
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